Local Governors & LGB Committee Structure

The Local Governing Body (LGB) of each school within the Trust is a committee of the Trustees. The LGB Constitution and Terms of Reference confirm what powers the Trustees have delegated to the LGB and are set out in the HWLP Scheme of Delegation. The LGB is made up of Local Governors who, as individuals, may or may not also be Trustees. Broadly speaking, the role of Local Governors is to provide focused governance for the school at a local level.  It monitors the school’s key performance indicators and acts as a critical friend to the Headteacher, providing challenge where appropriate.

Each Local Governing Body (LGB) comprises a maximum of ten Local Governors.  Local Governors are either elected or appointed: Up to five are appointed by Trustees; two are Parent Local Governors elected from the parent/carer body; two are Staff Local Governors nominated and elected by school staff; the Chief Executive Officer and/or Headteacher(s) are Ex-Officio Local Governors.

In addition to the DfE Governance Handbook’s role descriptors for Local Governors , the Local Governors at HWLP schools are also responsible for:

  • providing advice to the Trustees on the functioning of the school
  • acting as a key link between the Trust, parents/carers and the local community
  • acting as a sounding board for the Head and Executive Team and offering challenging but positive support to the Head
  • continually reviewing the overall impact of the school with a particular focus on pupil outcomes and staff welfare
  • assisting with and reviewing the implementation of certain Trust policies, such as pupil admissions and behaviour

Full details of the Local Governing Body for Hinchley Wood School can be accessed via their website.

Full details of the Local Governing Body for Hinchley Wood Primary School can be accessed via their website.

If you would like to join our local governors, please refer to the attached Governor Briefing Sheet and contact our Clerk to Trustees, Sherry Secker, via email, the Contact us form or 020 8398 1310 ext. 118.

Briefing Sheet: Local Governors

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