Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision must continue to be about “Inspiring learners” – as such, we must continue to hold the children and young people we are educating at the heart of everything we do. To inspire all HWLP learners to understand, appreciate, learn and embrace the five Hinchley Wood Secondary School Values becoming confident, considerate, determined, enthusiastic and independent learners in order to take on the challenges of an ever competitive and changing world. We must continue to strive to improve the educational outcomes and life chances of our learners – our moral purpose for all pupils in the local community.

  • We must remain ambitious for our pupils and put their needs above all else through a broad and balanced curriculum designed to meet their needs, hopes and aspirations – a curriculum which addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, cultural and intellectual health of the child.

  • All our MAT schools must work together to support and challenge each other with the school improvement function of the MAT revolving around collaboration and networking across the trust.

  • The MAT should operate a “take and give” model in which one school will lead school improvement in another with the expectation that, should their school need support in the future, the help will be reciprocated.

  • Nurturing and developing our people must be a key principle of our work. Given that key leadership roles within the trust will inevitably change over time, it is important that we nurture and develop our staff and remain flexible to facilitate growth.

  • As a cross-phase MAT we must look to coordinate our provision in order to make transitions between key stages easier for the children and young people we are educating. This will allow us to realise some of the benefits of all-through education – allowing us to really analyse our curriculum offer and decide how to embed learning.

  • By centralising services and selected policies our MAT can not only realise benefits in terms of improved quality of service and economies of scale, but also free up schools’ leaders’ capacity to focus on school improvement.

  • The MAT must respect the wish for each school to retain its own culture and ethos while adhering to the wider strategy and values of our MAT.

  • Our MAT must remain committed to a “seamless” all-through education for all members of the local community. Therefore, we must remain committed to partnerships with other schools in the local area that are not part of the MAT.

  • We must ensure that we have the capacity to support any school we take on and choose the right new partners before expanding. We must have a clear vision and rationale for inviting other schools to join our MAT rather than rushing into any expansion.

Further to the release of the April '22 DfE Government Education White Paper, the Trust Board are reflecting on our vision and mission statements and will update this page soon.